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Youth large field

Soccer Youth Large Field refers to soccer games for young people on a large playing field. This is usually used for age groups from U15 or U16 onwards.
There are different forms of play in youth football that depend on the age of the players. On the large field, the young people usually play with eleven players per team. The playing field has the same dimensions as for adults, i.e. a length of 100-110 meters and a width of 64-75 meters.
Playing on the large field enables the young people to adapt to the larger playing areas and the tactical requirements of adult football. It promotes the development of understanding of the game, technique, endurance and teamwork.
However, in youth football there are also smaller forms of play such as the small field or the midfield, which are used for younger age groups. These forms of the game have smaller pitches and fewer players per team to make it easier for younger players to get into football.
Youth large field football is a specific form of youth football that facilitates the transition of young people to adult football and promotes their football development.